A Letter from Brent Beeler
Chair of the ISU Board of Directors

Dear Indiana State Alumni and Friends,

This past year has brought about significant transformation for Indiana State University and the ISU Foundation. We have experienced and shared a broad spectrum of emotions among the Foundation board, our staff, the University community, Wabash Valley and you, our most loyal and dedicated alumni and friends. Your generous support has allowed us to successfully complete MARCH ON! The Campaign for Indiana State University, the first comprehensive campaign in history.

You have also supported us as we have experienced significant personnel turnover at the Foundation. Through these challenges the Foundation team has remained resilient. We have great and talented team members who are committed to the Foundation and continue to stay focused on the growth of Indiana State. Ron Carpenter ’77, GR ’82, our new president, has re-energized the Foundation’s commitment to supporting ISU through inspiring others to become involved in the life of the University and securing the resources for growth and success.

The progress made over the past few months, aligned with Ron’s impressive resume in non-profit leadership and his great love of his alma mater, has already sparked an increased collaborative effort to fulfill the organizational mission. From our fundraising priorities to our financial responsibility, we are devoted to serving the needs and aspirations of Indiana State.

The Foundation is committed to open and honest communication with you by being transparent regarding all aspects of the Foundation’s work. Publishing this annual report for the first time in more than five years is one of the ways we are living up to the expectations we have set for our organization.

Please take a few minutes to view our annual report for fiscal year 2012. The donor impact that supports Indiana State’s strong undergraduate and graduate education is evident. Together, we can continue to inspire the teaching, research and creative activity that promotes a challenging learning environment inside the classroom and beyond.




R. Brent Beeler, Chair

ISU Foundation Board of Directors


Message from Ron Carpenter
President of The ISU Foundation